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Semplicemente… Terence Hill

This project allowed fans of Terence Hill to spend words of affection and gratitude.
The book is a collection of thoughts towards the actor and his characters, among which emerges that of Trinity.

Testimonials from around the world include the presence of Renato Casaro and the Oliver Onions.
The book is completed by a series of souvenir photos of Terence Hill with some of his fans, those of some memorabilia such as the shirt (if you can call it that) of Trinity or the Dune Buggy of Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo as well as photos, taken by his admirers, of some of the famous locations of his films and a section dedicated to his most scathing jokes.

The proceeds will be donated to Phoenix Project, an American Association connected to the author Cristina, which helps victims of domestic violence.

Born from an idea of Cristina Dente.
Spontaneously wanted by Terence Hill.

Curated by B&T Style Pictures and Studio Arti Visive, of Alberto Baldisserotto
Based on the draft and with a preface by Francesco Spilabotte.
Enveloped by the affection of countless fellow travellers as Silvia Zancan, Claudia Breglia, Leonardo Baldelli, Dirk Black, Aberto Corridori, Alex W.Doc, Matteo Gaule, Simone Bazzanella, Andrea Lucchi, Gionatan Squillace and many, many more...

Solo con le prime 100 prenotazioni assieme al libro sarà consegnata anche una speciale cartolina ricordo numerata e realizzata in tiratura limitata, tratta da ‘Nella Valle del San Joaquin’!

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Festina Lente Edizioni – Semplicemente… Terence Hill

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Details of “Semplicemente… Terence Hill”

15x23cm with paperback binding.

184 pages.

This volume is edited by Festina Lente Edizioni, edited by Studio Arti Visive/B&T Style Pictures.

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