All is started from a passion.
Since 2005 and evolved during the years, finding the approval of the actors and copyright holders of 'They called me Trinity' and 'Trinity Is Still My Name'.
From Cinema to the visual arts we interpret the two actors, making them become a part of a new mediafor bring fun into everyday life.

B&T Style Pictures was born in 2005 inside the forum of budterence.tk with a proposal by Alberto Baldisserotto (daliarts.net), where he launched the idea of creating comics dedicated to Terence Hill & Bud Spencer.
The goal is share with passion among fans and to new generations the positive philosophy of simplicity of life, transmitted by the famous films interpretated by the couple Terence Hill & Bud Spencer.


So the project began by cooperating of Leonardo Baldelli, screenwriter of the first two volumes designed by Alberto. Step by step the project expanded with the moral support of generating theItinerant Exhibition 'Fagioli-Western' entitled "...li chiamavano Trinità e Bambino", which started in Italy and arrived in Europe and found his place over time to national and international permanent exhibitions such as the Cinemea a Pennello and Terence Hill Museum.

Nel tempo si sono formate collaborazioni con il mondo artistico di Terence Hill & Bud Spencer, come la collaborazione tra Alberto e gli Oliver Onions per la lavorazione di alcune scenografie del loro concerto Reunion.

Ad oggi continua la produzione della collana di Graphic Novel con Trinità e Bambino, tradotte in lingua italiana, tedesca e ungherese.
Non mancano nuove sperimentazioni ed evoluzioni come la creazione di Cartoni Animati ed Action Figure, in uno stile moderno ed umoristico per le nuove generazioni.

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Alberto Baldisserotto at work, in the B&T Style Pictures' Studio

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Alberto Baldisserotto
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