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Az Ördög Jobb És Bal Keze – San Joaquin Völgye

Trinity and Bambino, the two brothers, here are at their first experience with the West outside from the brothel, far from Perla and in the middle of the prairie.
Here begins the story of how their legend was born.
Trinity still has whole clothes and we will start to discover how he managed to reduced his outfit in the state of 'They call me Trinity'.
Discover this new adventure: “Nella valle del San Joaquin”.

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Trinity and Bambino volume #00 is the prototype that we have have presented to Terence Hill & Bud Spencer on 2005.
Terence Hill & Bud Spencer have seen it and, over time, have given us the permission to create an official new narrative dedicated to their characters.
This book is the origins 'cause is made as the two actors have liked it since the beginning.

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Frike Comics Az Ördög Jobb És Bal Keze – San Joaquin Völgye

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Details of “Az Ördög Jobb És Bal Keze – San Joaquin Völgye”

18×25,45cm with flexible cover.

Trinity and Bambino in the San Joaquin Valley is composed of 82 color pages, 55 pages are of comic story and the following ones are dedicated to curiosities, tributes and insights about the context historical-literary-geographical.

This volume is named # 00 'cause is the first one produced by Studio Arti Visive/B&T Style Pictures.

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